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Monday, April 15, 2019

seeking family - already have nanny (UWS)

1. Rebecca Ingber 2. ringber at gmail 3. two children: ages 5 and 8 4. already have a nanny 5. M-F afterschool (approx 2:30 most days, on) 6. UWS 7. no 8. no 9. no 10. yes 11. yes- lots 12. no, kids are too old 13. no 14. My nanny will be available all summer, and then starting in September during school hours 15. We have a WONDERFUL nanny of eight (!) years. We started as a nanny share with another family when our eldest was a baby, and have worked with several families, so we know she is amazing in lots of circumstances. Now that our youngest is heading into kindergarten, we will no longer need full-time childcare, but we also don't want to lose our wonderful nanny and we have complex work schedules, so we really do still need a lot of care. We are therefore looking for other families who might need childcare in the mornings or school day hours while our kids are at school -- and for summer as well as our kids are in camp full time. 16. We used this site several years ago when our eldest was a baby, and had great success!