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Sunday, December 28, 2008; in the beginning.

So we've been looking for a nanny share since before Nate was born. I've talked to a few dozen families - honestly all women, and we've met with a handful of families. We thought we found the perfect nanny share in June - we met with the family - we totally hit it off and we thought, family to share a nanny with, check. A week after Nate was born in July, the mom of the nanny share told me she didn't think they could pursue this child care option, and once again we were back to square one - no family to share a nanny with. As the search continued, I delved into the world of child care options and spent a lot of time researching what it would mean exactly to share a nanny with another family. As I spoke to more families (again, mostly women would speak to me), I realized that there is no real platform/web site/list serv/agency to help families like ours meet other families who would be interested in sharing a nanny. I actually wanted to start a Web site on the topic but after speaking to several IT folks and graphic designers, I realized that it would cost at least a $1000 to get the site up and running. So for now, I am writing a blog and will try to find nanny share matches this way. I will also post information about what a nanny share is, whatit entails and the positive and negative aspects of this child care option. Let's see how it goes.