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Friday, February 28, 2020

family seeking to help nanny find full time employment

Poster: Mary Poster contact: Want: to help nanny find new family. Looking for: Full time, 40-45hrs/week, between 8:30-5:30pm, M-F Start date: ASAP Skills: INFANT CPR AND FIRST AID CERTIFIED Preferred: Morningside Heights, but not required. We would like to help our nanny, Harsema, find a new family. Harsema cared for our now 2yr old daughter for a year, and she quickly grew into a close family friend. She has a calm and affectionate personality but is also full of energy - a wonderful combination to care for a rambunctious toddler. Harsema has kids of her own, so she not only was a superb nanny to our daughter, but she became a wonderful coach for me as a first-time mom. Her attentive and educational nature helped my daughter acquire new words quickly and learn many important skills, like cleaning up after her own spills, turning out the lights when leaving a room, and saying “thank you.” She really brought out our daughter’s fun and sassy personality. Our daughter is now in a local daycare, but on daycare holidays, we have asked Harsema to come over, and our daughter runs to the door squealing in excitement when she arrives. Harsema is also a wonderful cook and helped our daughter expand her palate and often even fed us (parents) as well. While our daughter took naps, Harsema took initiative to help us with house chores and furniture organization to maximize use of our space, and this was incredibly helpful. Harsema knows many of the local nannies and arranged playdates for our daughter, so even though she wasn’t in daycare, she had many friends. She was the only kid who didn’t cry the first week of daycare drop-offs, and I attribute that to Harsema’s effort to socialize her. She is comfortable taking kids to various activities either walking or using the subway and knows all the kid-related events and programs in our neighborhood. Before us, she worked as a nanny for a colleague of mine until her daughter started school, and she too loves Harsema like family. We have met Harsema’s children, and they are articulate, kind, and smart kids, and it’s clear that they have an amazing mother. I can’t speak more highly of this competent, kind, and trustworthy person, and you will know on the first day that you have hit the jackpot of nannies. She will give 100% to caring not only for your child but also for the whole family. Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information.

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