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Monday, August 6, 2018

seeking family - already have nanny (UES)

First name: Pam Contact information: pam.waldman @ Age of child: 2.6 Already have a nanny Days and hours needed: Flexible. Our son will be in pre-school from 9-12am M-F, so you could have mornings and we could have afternoons, or you could have a full day with the nanny and our son would join your child in the afternoon. Are you willing to drop off your child at someone else's apt? No Do you have any pets? No Does your child have any allergies? No Does your building have an elevator (think double stroller!)? Yes Does your neighborhood have a playground, nice places to walk? Yes. John Jay and St. Catherine's are equidistant When would you be able to start nanny share? September Any other relevant information you would like to share? My family has done a nanny share for the past 2 years with two different families who have moved away. It's worked out beautifully, and our nanny is now an experienced "nanny share nanny" which you wouldn't think was a big deal, but considering the coordination and the fact that she's dealing with requirements from two different families, our current nanny is indeed a pro at this by now :) How did you find out about Have been successful with two separate nanny shares over the past two years (same nanny)

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