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Monday, June 11, 2018

family seeking to help nanny find full time employment

I am looking for a family to adopt my awesome nanny, now that my 2 year old is going to school. Her name is Estefani, she is a 28 year old educated young woman who is really wonderful with kids. What I love about her: • Energetic and fun. Always talking to the kids (very important for brain development), playing games and singing songs. • Affectionate and nurturing to the degree that my kid says goodbye to me every morning without fuss. • Proactive at finding educational activities for the children like going to the library, setting play dates and inventing fun games at home. • Keeps the kids mentally engaged. No TV, no cell phone. Always play, arts and music. • Very attentive and keeps a constant eye on the kids. • Bilingual. Speaks to the kids in Spanish and English, which has strengthen my boys future's ability to communicate in other languages. • Organized and attentive to detail. Great at reporting details about the day, as meals, bowel movements or any other health-related piece of information. • Her anecdotes about the kid's days are super fun and she shares pictures of the kids often. • She is amazing at keeping toys and books tidy, as well as the kids laundry. • Overall, she has had six years of experience as a nanny. • Trained in CPR. What she is looking for: 1) A full time commitment of between 40 and 50 hours per week. 2) She loves all children, but she is passionate about toddlers. 3) She is OK with two kids, either one family or a shared arrangement. 4) OK with light tidying, laundry and serving meals. 5) We included two weeks of vacation, standard holidays and sick days in the deal. 6) Looking for a year-long commitment. Contact us at: Helene (me) hapublic @ Stefi (Nanny) estefani.escoffie @

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