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Monday, April 23, 2018

Family seeking to help nanny find fulltime employment

1. Sonali 2. sonals612 @ 3. N/A 4. Nanny available (we are just finishing up our share this summer)! 5. She is available full-time, M-F 6. She currently works with us in Morningside Heights but is flexible with regard to location. 15. Our wonderful nanny (Radica – or, as our kids lovingly call her - “Ra Ra”) will be available for full-time work starting August 15th. (Though there is a bit of flexibility with the start date)! For 3 years she worked with another family in our building (who happen to also be some of our closest friends) and took care of their twin boys until they went to preschool. Since then (August 2016), she has been working full-time with us and another family in our building as part of a “nanny share”. My son and the other little girl in our share will be turning 3 years old at the end of this summer and heading to preschool in the fall. We are so sad to be “graduating” from Radica, but we are hoping to help her find another family (or set of families) for her to work with. Radica is truly a part of our family and our kids adore her. For nearly two years she has worked full-time for us and balanced the needs of two families and two kids. We come home every day to happy children who are well-rested, well-fed, and who have spent their day doing any number of activities (ranging from story time at our local library to music class to the playground (and sprinklers of course in the summer))! Radica has taken such good and patient care of them (even when they’ve each been sick) and is now helping us prepare them for preschool. When one of us has been traveling for work she has come in early and even still helps take care of our friend’s twin boys on the occasional weekend day. She has never once been late, she is so patient with two high-energy toddlers, and we feel so lucky that our kids spent these first formative years of their lives in her care. We would all happily provide references for Radica. To begin the conversation, please email me and we will set up a time to chat!

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