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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

seeking family and nanny (UWS)

1. First name: Olivia. 2. Email address JazzyFr111 AT 3. Age of child: 9 months. 4. Searching for a nanny to nanny share. 5. Needed for full time M-F 8 am – 6pm. 6. Live in Lincoln Square, 67th st. & WEA. 7. Can host at our apartment or alternate, willing to drop off within a 10 minute walk. 8. Have a hypoallergenic, non-shedding, 10lbs, overly friendly dog that stays out of the way. 9. No known allergies. 10. Our building has elevators. 11. Neighborhood has many playgrounds and parks right outside the building. 12. Would be interested in signing up for classes. 13. Do not have any dietary restrictions. 14. Can start nanny share whenever convenient for all parties involved. 15. Have nothing to add for now. 16. Heard about from a group on facebook.

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