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Thursday, September 14, 2017

seeking to help nanny find 8a-2:30p position (UES)

seeking to help nanny find 8a-2:30p position (UES) 1. Susi 2. davidandsusi @ 3. 4 years old 4. We already have a nanny and are trying to help her find another family. She wouldn't be taking care of both of our children at the same time, we'd each have the nanny part-time. 5. Looking for a family who needs a nanny Mon-Thurs 8:00-2:30 6. UES 7. Not necessary 8. Either way is ok. 9. Either way is ok. 10. Either way is ok. 11. Either way is ok. 12. Either way is ok. 13. Either way is ok. 14. Nanny will be available as of 10/2. 15. Our wonderful nanny of four years will be moving to part-time now that my daughter is in school. We're looking for another family who needs part-time hours to share her with.

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