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Friday, August 18, 2017

seeking family and nanny (Harlem)

Would you mind posting the below on you blog? Many thanks 1. Name: Pauline 2. Contact: pauline.toulouze @ 3. Age of Child: Looking for February-March 2018, my son will be 5 months old 4. Searching for a nanny share 5. Full time: M-F: 9am - 6pm 6. Where? South Harlem, between 119th and Frederick Douglas Blvd 7. Yes, I am willing to drop off my child at someone else's apt. It can be in South Harlem or Colombus Circle 8. No pet 9. No allergies 10. Our building has an elevator 11. Our neighborhood has playground and is next to moning side park 12. nanny and me class: why not, to be discussed with the other family 13. No dietary restriction in our household 14. start of nanny share: February or March 2018 15. We are both French but fluent in English and Spanish 16. How did we find out about by searching online

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