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Monday, June 5, 2017

seeking to help nanny find full time employment

1. First name (Nanny): Godris Noel 2. Contact information - annnoel2013 at(@) gmail dot(.) com 3. Age of Child: She is willing to work with a range of ages (worked for our families with two children 5 months difference in age). 4. Looking to help Godris find full-time work 5. FT Mon-Fri (you determine hours). 6. Neighborhoods: Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, surrounding 7. Godris is willing to work in a share situation or for one family 8. Will work in house with pets (we have a dog and cat, other family 2 cats). I am posting to recommend our current nanny, Godris Noel, who has been working for our family and our friends’ family in a nanny share for almost a year. My son is currently 11 months and Godris has been taking care of him since he was 5 months, and our friends’ daughter who is currently 16 months has been in her care for the past 8 months. We are very sad to part ways with Godris as our children transition into daycare. We would like to assist her in finding a great family to work with next. Godris’ first choice is to work with one family, Monday – Friday full time, but is also willing to consider a share situation for the right families. She is open to working in the Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene and surrounding neighborhoods. She will be available starting August 7, 2017, or possibly sooner if you can work around her time out of the country for the month of July. Godris Noel has spent relatively little time with my family (about 6 months) but has made a big impact. Godris came to us with many years of experience providing childcare. She grew up with multiple siblings who she took care of and is a mother herself, and has cared for many charges in the Brooklyn area over the last 20+ years. She had glowing recommendations before we met her, and as soon as we interviewed her we knew she was the one for our families. The first thing she did when she met us was scoop up both of the children and speak to them and engage with them, and both of the children immediately gave her warm reception. She is kind, warm hearted, gentle, patient and loving and takes true interest in my son’s development. She has gently fostered his ability to sit, crawl, stand, and has guided both him and us in transitioning to solids. Both of the children are exclusively breastfed and she has taken great care of this process, ensuring that the bottles are separate and giving us daily updates on intake. Godris is willing to offer advice in a way that is palatable to first time parents. She sends us pictures and updates throughout the day and will check in on days off or when our son is sick. Each day we get an overview of the activities that they did together – how much he ate, how many BMs, where they went, napping, etc. Godris is extremely energetic and enjoys being outdoors with the children, and has a network of nanny friends that she meets with, providing socialization for the little ones. They go to the park and library often, and it is a rare day that there is no outside activity planned. Godris is timely, she’s healthy and rarely takes sick time, and she communicates well in regards to time that she needs off for personal things. Most importantly, my son is ecstatic to see her in the mornings, and is in a good mood, or napping, when I pick him up, so I know he is well cared for! [Second family] My recommendations for Godris mirrors the one written above for a summary of the the same reasons: She put both of our families at ease when we, as first time parents, left our kids in her care. I can't emphasize how meaningful and valuable that has been for us to go to work and not worry about the health and happiness of our babies while we are away. When I returned to work from maternity leave, my mother came from out of town and looked after my daughter for two months. We hired Godris to take over and the transition was seamless. She's a total pro...all while being warm, kind, loving, and easy-going. She creates a stress-free environment and my daughter has thrived under her care. We love her and so do our babies. Please feel free to contact me or Rubina for further recommendation and/or questions. Email is best, as I do not carry my phone at work: merrill dot(.) stephens at(@) gmail dot(.) com Rubina can be reached at anibur3 at(@) yahoo dot (.) com for additional recommendation/questions. Godris can be reached directly at annnoel2013 at(@) gmail dot(.) com

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