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Monday, June 26, 2017

seeking family and nanny (Harlem)

1. Nikki 2. yeager.nikki @ 3. 2 years 4. Searching for a nanny and nanny share, but have some leads if you'd like to share and need help finding a nanny. 5. M-F 8:45-5:15 6. Harlem/145th 7. Would prefer to drop off at someone else's apartment, but can host part time if you wanted to switch on and off. 8. One cat in our apartment. 9. No allergies 10. No elevator in our building and we do not have a stroller (Alexei walks) 11. We have a playground behind our apartment and a large park down the block 12. Yes 13.Our child does not eat processed foods or foods with added sugar. We'd be happy to bring enough lunch for both kids so they didn't have separate types of meals if you'd prefer. 14. July 15th start preferred. No later than August 1st. 15. I would like to find a nanny share with one or two other children. I can only afford $200 per week (and can also supply lunches for everyone if need be since we're picky about our kid's food). We also have an extra bedroom if a nanny needs free or discounted rent. 16. Google search

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