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Monday, May 1, 2017

family seeking to help nanny find fulltime employement

Family Seeking to Help Nanny Find Full Time Employment UWS UES Morningside Heights 1. Will 2. wsogden at 3. Flexible ages 4. Trying to help nanny find employment 5. Full-time 6. Very familiar with all of Manhattan given extremely long track record of childcare experience but currently on UES. Prior to our family she worked in UWS / Morningside Heights. We are posting here because we originally found our nanny through this site. She has been such a lifesaver for our family especially when maternity leave was limited after the birth of our second child. We trust here completely. As first time parents without much local family support she could not have been more helpful. I did not have much experience with infants and she literally taught me most everything that I know. She potty trained my two year old prior to the birth of our second child and taught him to clean up after himself. Best of all she is incredibly industrious - she makes food, organizes play dates, constantly comes up with new activities and taught my son Spanish. Any family would be extremely luck to have her. Unfortunately, we are leaving the city and she won't be able to care for our children. We very much hope that another family can benefit from her years of experience the same way our sons have.

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