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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

seeking family- already have nanny (South Slope)

1. Lauren Farber Weintraub 2. Contact information – ltfarber AT 3. Our son is 22 months old, born May 2015. 4. We have an amazing nanny and are seeking a new family to join our share 5. FT - M-Fri 8:00-6:00 (our nanny can arrive earlier or leave later) 6. We currently live in North Slope but will be moving to South Slope (near Greenwood Heights) in early May 2017 7. We are happy to drop off our child and we are also happy to host or share hosting duties. 8. We have a 13 year old Maltese 9. Our son does not have any allergies 10. We live in an elevator building and will be moving to a ground level apartment 11. Our current apartment is near Prospect Park and our new apartment has outdoor space and is near playgrounds and Prospect Park 12. We are interested in classing and our son has taken classes 13. We have no dietary restrictions 14. We would like to begin ASAP (we are happy to drop off our son in our new share family's home in South Slope and host/share hosting once we have moved to South Slope; 15. internet; 16. We cannot imagine our lives without our nanny. To say she is not just a babysitter is an understatement. She is an educator, a motivator, and has been a transformative force in the life of our family. She worked with my son to sit, crawl, and walk; but even more than that, she dedicates herself to helping us raise a caring, well-mannered, and social child. We are constantly discovering the results of her magic – like when he slow danced with the girl in his share at a music class, voluntarily shared his toys with other children, or put his shoes on by himself. Our nanny speaks to him respectfully and asks the same from him. At the same time, she demonstrates love and care; for example, when his toy car lost its wheels she brought him a new one. It is an amazing balance and our son has flourished under her tutelage. Our son adores her. She has worked with us since my son was 5-months-old and I returned to work full-time. I have told friends that I never felt guilty about going back to work because I knew I was leaving my son in the best hands possible. She is never on the phone and has nonstop energy. When I come home from work, she in the floor playing with the kids and she takes them to the park or a play space every day. Our neighbors have commented on how amazing our nanny is – my response is, “I know.” She has also stayed late for us many times and has babysat on the weekends.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lauren, our family is seeking a nanny and live in Prospect Heights with our soon to be 2 year old son. If you are still seeking a family let me know! You can reach me at