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Monday, November 21, 2016

seeking family and nanny (Hudson Heights)

1. Alyson 2. alyson.aladro @ 3. 18 months old 4. Looking for family & nanny 5. Part time, 9-15 hrs/wk depending on cost; preferably mornings before 1130 6. Hudson Heights 7. Willing to walk 15 minutes in any direction 8. One dog, friendly, but I work from home so she can be co-banished to the bedroom with me 9. No allergies 10. Elevator building 11. We are by a couple of playgrounds and Ft Tryon Park 12. Happy to look into classes, but I prefer free options like the library (and will gladly help write up the local options) 13. No dietary restrictions but are happily respectful of others' 14. Start-date is flexible 15. We may be traveling for one month this spring 16. Google

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