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Monday, November 7, 2016

seeking family and nanny (Financial district/Seaport)

· 1-Adriana and Vincent · 2-Adriana.marianella AT · 3-Baby: Girl, 3 months in January · 4-Searching for a nanny share § 5-ime: M-F 9am-6pm (timing can be flexible, we can go earlier or later depending on the needs of the share) · 6- hosting: can also host the share or both depending on what is the most convenient. Hosting would be 7- Drop-off: willing to drop-off on the east side below 14th street · 8-Pets: no · 9- Allergies no · 10- 1st floor walk-up in south seaport district (while this may be difficult with a double stroller, we would be willing to host should we find a nanny/family who would be comfortable with this) · 11- neighborhood has playground /preferred nanny who can also time outside weather permitting · 12- Extracurricular: Interested in nanny taking kids to classes/park/walks etc. · 13- dietary restrictions: Pets: no · 15- N/A 16- Referral: Google

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