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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

seeking family - already have nanny (Williamsburg)

1) Name: Jared 2) Email: JLuft79 @ gmail. com 3) 16 Months 4) Already have a nanny 5) Full time: Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm 6) Williamsburg, Brooklyn (near the Southeast corner of Mccarren Park) 7) Willing to drop off, but only if the share home is close. Our hosting or at least a split of time is preferred. 8) No pets 9) No (known) allergies 10) Building has a large elevator 11) Neighborhood has playgrounds in mccarren park and in other areas, too 12) We are open to joining our share family for almost any class 13) No dietary restrictions at this time 14) Nanny share can start any time beginning in early December. Optimally by Jan 1 2017, but we have flexibility. 15) Our nanny has worked with our daughter since the age of 3 months and we could not be more pleased. She is extremely active with our daughter and has done shares before. We look forward to joining a family to share in her services. 16) Google Search

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