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Friday, October 21, 2016

seeking to help nanny find full-time employment

1. Stefan 2. sa610 AT 4. seeking to help nanny to find full-time employment It is with deep gratitude that we are posting this reference for our nanny who has worked for us for more than a year. We are very grateful to her because our son Christopher, who was just three months old when she started to work for us, has grown under her care into such a happy, communicative, and curious toddler. When Linda arrives in the morning at our apartment, Christopher’s face lights up, he smiles, and then he crawls very quickly (now he is waddling quickly) through the long hallway to greet and hug Linda. Christopher clearly enjoys playing with Linda, listening to music, going to music class, the playground, or to the library with her, and playing with blocks or other toys. It is also obvious how much joy Linda feels in doing these things with our son when she tells us about some highlights of the day in the evening. Linda is very reliable and in addition to her warm and loving personality, she always makes sure that Christopher is safe, healthy, well-fed and in a clean and secure environment. Linda is a US-citizen and a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and with fluent English. She is highly educated and holds an engineering degree from a Chinese university. She is careful, responsible and radiates positive energy. Linda is also very patient and giving. When Christopher was learning to walk, Linda walked behind him, holding his hands above his head and make sure he did not fall while he was tottering up and down the hallway for long periods of time. On two afternoons of the week, Linda has also taken care of our older son Alexander who already goes to kindergarten and who has a lot of fun playing hide and seek and chess with her. We hope that Christopher and Alexander will be able maintain some contact with Linda in the future and if you are the ones hiring her, you can consider yourself very lucky. We recommend her highly and without any reservations. She is a wonderful nanny who will love your child and keep your child safe. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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