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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Seeking to help nanny find additional hours

A couple months ago, I posted about our wonderful and amazing nanny, Sonam, being available part-time on MWF. The circumstances for the family that initially hired her have changed and she is available to start working immediately. We would love to help her find another family to help round out her schedule We truly believe our son has thrived as much as he has because of Sonam. She took Fern Drilling’s CPR class when she started with us and has always done research for advice when trying to troubleshoot things with our son. She has helped us implement BLW and the No-Cry Sleep Solution philosophies. Sonam is extremely bright (has a computer science college degree from her home country of Bhutan). Our son and Sonam have SO much fun with one another - he laughs with her a way that he never laughs with us...she is truly the "cool" nanny and we're his parents who he likes to play with :) Please e-mail me at mwrfish at gmail dot com if you would like more information

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