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Friday, October 7, 2016

seeking family - have nanny (Crown Heights)

Alethea Adsitt wrote: My 3 yo daughter is in school 2 days a week (Mon/Thur) and we have space in our share for another family to join on those days from 8am - 6:00pm with the other child in the share, in our elevator building in Crown Heights, right across from the shuttle train (Park Place) and steps away from Franklin Ave. The other family have an adorable and easy-going 1 year old that your child would be with. In the very near future, I will enroll my daughter for a 3rd day in preschool, so would ideally be looking for someone who needs 20-30 hours of care split over 2 or 3 days. In the Fall of 2017, or maybe the summer of 2017, your child could go to full-time. In the fall of 2017 my daughter will hopefully be in UPK, and we will only need afternoon care a couple days/week. In short, this is an excellent time to get your little one (she prefers babies to start off with and grow with them over time) in with the one caregiver you will ever need until your child starts school. I have very high expectations, and she meets virtually all of them. Blanca is the most incredible caregiver I have ever seen. I hear things all the time from fellow parents who see her in the community, reports back are nothing but spectacular, and people saying how much they are impressed by her gift in caring for children. She is never on the phone, she strikes a nice balance between going with the flow of the children's desires, and getting them out of the house to classes, into nature, and to museums. She speaks only Spanish with the kids, so you will have a bilingual kid out of it, which is priceless! Especially given the excellent dual language programs in NYC. She has a very calm and yet enthusiastic energy, she cleans up while the kids sleep and somehow manages to help you feel like you're keeping your life in better shape than before you met her. She is a gem. Blanca speaks Spanish, understands a good bit of English, and texts. When I started with her 3 years ago I didn't speak a lick of Spanish, but have learned to speak, and usually communicate harder things through text translations, except when I'm in front of her and she seems to understand gestures well and derive the meaning of what you're trying to say. Her rate is $10/hour, she gets bank holidays off and 2 weeks paid vacation/year/paid metro card, which would be a small contribution from your family since your child would not be full-time. If you are interested, please let me know. I am handling the initial conversations with families and then will act as translator/liaison between your family and Blanca initially. This share opportunity will begin in 2 weeks. If you think you know a good candidate, please pass it along! Blanca has numerous families who can vouch for her as well, so references is not a problem.

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