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Monday, May 2, 2016

seeking family - already have nanny (UWS)

1. Alison H. 2. Contact information – alisonhazan @ 3. 3.5 year old boy 4. Have a nanny, looking for part time share 5. Weekday afternoons - Anytime between 12:30pm-5pm can be 2-5 days/week 6. West 70s 7. No 8. No 9. No 10. Yes but will not fit a side-by-side double stroller 11. Yes we live between Central Park West and Columbus and have many parks, playgrounds and museums in the neighborhood (and memberships to those museums). 12. Maybe 13. No pork/shellfish 14. End of summer 15. We currently have a nanny share that is going to end due to the other child starting school and we are trying help keep our nanny by finding a replacement share situation. Our nanny has been with us for almost 4 years and we do not want to lose her. Our son goes to preschool M-F from 9-1 so our nanny normally picks him up and then picks up the other child and brings them back to my house (we have an extra room) where they both play/nap. Her day normally ends at 5pm, but she has 3 mornings available as well. We are open to other ideas/options. 16. Have used previously

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