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Monday, April 11, 2016

seeking family for summer only - have nanny (Astoria)

We have a wonderful nanny share at our home and the other family won't need to drop off their child for the summer because mom is a teacher. Our son will be three and we were wondering if anyone wanted this type of situation for the summer or even a few weeks as an alternative to camp or what have you. Our nanny previously had experience at a pre-school program so she has never hesitated to be very active and creative with our son. They go to the library, pet store, bounce n play, playgrounds, parks, etc. A lot of reading, playing, and art happens at our house. I would be interested in signing up for some classes over the summer as well. There will be a brand new playground opening up right around the block from our house on 47th street and 21st ave we are thrilled about. We have a vegetarian home. Our son is actually allergic to dairy. Currently, we have our nanny at our house Mon-Thurs from 7:15- 4:15 On fridays they go to the other family's house. We live in Astoria two blocks from Ditmars. We have a Maltese/Yorkie mix. We are on the second floor-Have double stroller downstairs. We could start the nanny share first week of July and available until August 11th.

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