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Monday, April 18, 2016

seeking family and nanny (Ridgewood)

1. Emily 2. Emarmy AT 3. 15 months currently, will be 18 months when nanny is needed 4. We do not have a nanny or a family to share 5. Looking for part-time daily care, M-F 8 AM- 1PM 6. Ridgewood 7. We are willing to have a child at our apartment or bring our son to someone else’s apartment 8. We have a cat 9. Our son has no allergies that we know of 10. Our building has no elevator but we have multiple baby carriers, live on the 3rd so two flights of stairs to walk up. 11. We live near Rosemary’s playground for outdoor activities 12. We would sign up for nanny and me classes 13. No household dietary restrictions 14. We are looking to start nanny services June 27th 15. My husband will be working from home as well

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