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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seeking to help nanny find full-time employment

1. Shawna 2. Lat4 @ 3. Twins 2 4. Seeking to help nanny find new family 5. She is available M-F 9 am – 7pm 6. New York City (UES) She is open to any Manhattan neighborhood 7. N/A 8. N/A 9. N/A 10. N/A 11.N/A. 12. She attended classes with the children.13. N/A 14. She is available ASAP or beginning of the month. 15. Any other relevant information you would like to share? Nafeiza has worked with my kids (twins) for well over two years (2013-2016). Initially, I hired her as a CPR certified baby nurse specialist, for three months. After three months I offered her a package to work with my children as a full time nanny. She is an exemplary employee; she is always on time, consistent, loving, flexible with her work schedule and overall professional. She has shown insurmountable support to me and my children, which I am forever grateful for and she is truly considered family. She has shown my children love and appropriate care from the moment she started working with them. As a baby nurse she implemented a structured schedule for eating, bathing and a healthy sleeping pattern that have worked well for my children. She is an experienced nanny with training in newborn care skills. She would get up for nighttime feedings which allowed me to get much needed rest. She provided me with guidance on how to best regulate feeding and napping for my children. She was responsible for preparing/sterilizing bottles; organize the nursery, diaper changes and laundry. She would take my children and attend classes with them three days a week. Nafeiza was also flexible with her work schedule, which was helpful. Overall, Nafeiza has added a support to my children and me as a mother that cannot be measured in words. Unfortunately, my family had to relocate and she was unable to continue working with us. When she started with us, I received high recommendations from her previous employer of ten years. We’re truly sad to see her go. I would be happy to chat about her experience more if you need further recommendations or information ( 16. online

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