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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seeking family and nanny (Fort Greene)

1. Hi my name is Liesbet (I'm Belgian) and my husband's name is Hayato. 2. 3. We're expecting our first baby in late January and will need child care as of about mid-May. 4. We are searching for a nanny and a family, but we would like to find a family first and look for a nanny together. 5. Most likely, 4 days/week, likely Monday through Thursday 9 am – 6:30 pm. 6. We live in Fort Greene on the corner of Carlton and Lafayette. 7. We are willing to drop off our child at someone else's apartment within walking distance. 8. We don't have any pets. 9. We don't know if our daughter will have any food allergies. 10. Our building doesn't have an elevator, but we live on the first floor. 11. We have two playgrounds on our block and live two blocks from Fort Greene Park. 12. We would be interested in signing up (and paying for) a "nanny and me" music class or gym class. 13. I'm a vegetarian, my husband is not. We don't plan to raise her exclusively vegetarian, maybe the occasional meat/fish, emphasis on healthy. 14. About the middle of May 2016. 16. From our neighbor

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  1. Hi Liesbet! My name is Casey and I also live in Ft Greene (Flatbush/Fulton) and have a 3 month old. We are looking for a nanny and a share. Have you found a family/nanny?