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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

seeking to help nanny find full time employment

1) Melissa 2) 3) n/a 4) already have a nanny 5) full time or possibly 4 days a week 6) UES (east 80's) 7) n/a 8) n/a 9) n/a 10) n/a 11) n/a 12) n/a 13) n/a 14) Mid-October but is flexible 15) Our wonderful nanny Stephanie is available starting mid October. My family & I are moving out of the city & unfortunately she can't come with us. Stephanie has been with us since my daughter is 3 months. She is now over 3 years old. She is wonderful with our daughter & I have never had to worry for a minute while I am at work. My daughter adores her. She is always on time & has rarely called in sick. Please email me directly with any questions or interests.

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