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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

seeking family - already have nanny (Astoria)

We have had a nanny share for nearly two years now, but unfortunately our other family is moving. Our nanny comes to our house on 45th street and Ditmars, Astoria. She has become part of the family! She has taken care of the two boys since they were 4 months old (now 2). She had experience as a pre-school teacher before joining us. Reading multiple books, elaborate art projects and visiting playgrounds are a daily routine. We get photos texted to us regularly of our boys covered in paint from head to toe sitting on canvas or making their own “dirt” out of flour, salt and paint! Her calm nature has created a safe environment for our sons. Two moms, vegetarian home, small dog. Current hours: 7-430. Hope to start in August. Very reasonable rate. Contact us at:

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