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Friday, June 12, 2015

Seeking to help nanny find fulltime employment

1. My name is Brooks. After over three great years with our kids, our wonderful nanny Rosalba is looking for a new full-time family or share because our children will be at school during the week starting in September. 2. alyshiabrooksbowden AT 3. She has experience with all ages. She was with our oldest from 1yo and my youngest from day 1 4. Searching for a new family or share 5. Full-time 6. Manhattan and Bronx are best 7. N/A 8. Pets are no problem 9. N/A 10. Elevator is helpful, especially with a share, because she likes to get outside every day if possible. She has worked with walk-ups with us through the years. 11. N/A 12. She is great about taking initiative and finding free events for kids and taking trips to the zoos and museums. 13. She has been very helpful with preparing food for the children and ensuring that their diet is balanced 14. We could potentially share in August to help with the transition. We will no longer need her during the week starting September 14th. 15. Rosalba speaks Spanish. This has been a huge asset to our house. I have learned basic Spanish and both of my kids are fluent. Part of the way I plan to maintain her relationship with my kids is through Spanish lessons on weekends. She has truly been like a member of our family. We are hopeful that we can help her by finding a great new share for her. She is enthusiastic and energetic with the kids and reliable and kind to me. Without her, I would never have been able to finish graduate school and maintain a high-stress career. Can't say enough good things! 16. Long-time follower.

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  1. I am very interested and particularly am looking for a nanny who speaks Spanish. How can I contact her?