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Monday, June 29, 2015

Seeking family and nanny (Bed-Stuy)

Our name is Scott and Charlotte and we are seeking a family to share a nanny with that is willing to drop off their child at our home in Bed-Stuy. We are really seeking a family that shares our belief in finding a wonderful nanny, sharing the costs to pay them very well so we find a nanny that will treat our child like she was their own. I am due in the end of Sept. and we are looking for a family that is trying to prepare ahead and will be ready to share a full time nanny in the beginning of November (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 6PM). Unfortunately, we are not willing to drop off our child at another family's house, so I am looking for a family that will be open to dropping their child off at my home (located off the G, J, M, & Z line). I do not have any pets, I won't know if my child has any allergies until she is born, and my building does have an elevator, although I am on the ground floor. I have a small playground 1 block away, a very large park (Von King Park) 4 blocks away, and a nice front yard, so when the weather is nice we would like the nanny to take the kids to enjoy the sun as much as possible and enjoy the outdoors. We would love to be able to share costs with another family to be able to sign up and eventually pay for classes that the nanny can take the kids to. If anyone is open to sharing a nanny and agrees with all the items mentioned above, please email me at I would love to then begin searching for the perfect nanny together with the perfect nanny share family.

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