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Friday, June 12, 2015

Seeking family - already have nanny (UWS)

1. Cynthia 2. 3. 7-month-old girl 4. Already have a nanny, searching for a share 5. Full time, M-F 8 am – 6pm 6. UWS, 80s and West End, one block from 1 train 7. Willing to drop off from low 90s to the 60s on the west side. Could possibly do an UES share as I commute to the east side so am willing to meet with families on the UES as well. 8. No pets. 9. No known allergies. 10. Yes building has an elevator. 11. We're a half a block from a great playground for little kids and a short walk from Central Park so there is plenty of outdoor space around here. 12. Happy to sign up for "nanny and me" music or gym class. 13. No dietary restrictions. 14. Could start share ASAP but not in a rush, would like to find the right match. 15. We have a wonderful nanny who's been with us since my daughter was 2 months old. She reads to our daughter, takes her to the playground and pet store and finds fun things for her to do in the neighborhood. She's reliable, trust-worthy and my daughter has a lot of fun with her. We're happy to share her between two apartments, to host a share at our place or to do the share at another apartment if that works best for our commute.

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