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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Seeking family (already have nanny) (East Williamsburg)

Hello, My name is Bob and our little one's name is Adee (6 months). We live in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn near Cooper Park. We currently have a fantastic and responsible Nanny that has been with us for 3+ months. We are looking to find another family with 1-2 children. Here are details of what we are looking for: 1-2 Children; Ideally 2 and both older than 1 year old to complement our 6 month old girl. We own our house that is 2 blocks from Cooper Park in East Williamsburg (the closer you are the better). We would like to host exclusively Monday - Thursday as we have a house with good space, so you would drop your child(ren) off at our house each morning and pick up in the evenings. We utilize our Nanny Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 6:30pm (not on Fridays). If you need help on Fridays, then you would need to host that one day. We have play area and can house toys and all needed supplies and lunch/snacks. 1-2 visits to Cooper Park and local library are standard fare. We have a medium sized dog who is great with kids. We would split $120 monthly travel allowance for our nanny. Depending on # of children, rate would be in the $12-14/hour range. Ideally looking for full-time (40 or more hours per week commitment). Standard paid holidays are included for our nanny who is great. We are open to a temporary full-time family who could commit from NOW through August with 1-2 children as well. We and our nanny would need to meet with both parents and all interested little ones before any decisions are made. Please read the above closely and contact us if you believe you'd be a good fit! Bob and Adee (6 months) East Williamsburg, Brooklyn


  1. Hey Bob! My name is Austin. My 7 mo old twin girls, Shana and myself have lived in your neighborhood for ten years. We are currently looking for our 1st full time nanny to begin at the end of this month. A friend of ours, who is also a nanny, has been with them for the last 3 months and has the same schedule that you keep with Adee. They go to Cooper all the time in fact. Unfortunately, she had long before made plans with another family in July and we're looking for help. We are accessible in that Shana and I both work together in Greenpoint. The girls are happy and chill, and one started crawling a bit last week. I understand it's not quite the perfect fit, but the proximity and other attributes you are asking for are just too close to ignore. Our current nanny's last day is Friday the 17th then we will be in Portland Oregon from that day until the 27th. Then we are without nanny. I can be reached at

    1. Hello, Bob,

      Are you and your family still looking for a share? My husband and I live in the Greenpoint area with our 6-month old son Aiden. I know you are looking for older children for your daughter, but if you are willing to be a bit flexible, we'd love to meet! We are looking for someone beginning in early September but are willing to be flexible too if it's the right fit.

      If you are still interested, please reach out to us at


      Angela (& Nick)