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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Seeking family and nanny (UES)

1. Sophia 2. 3. 3.5 years old 4. Looking for nanny + family 5. Full time-8-6 6. UES 7. Walking distance to UES. We are able to host. 8. 2 very friendly cats 9. No allergies 10. Most likely elevator-still working on finding housing 11. Yes. We will be within a few blocks of Mount Sinai Hospital which is close to central park and a bunch of smaller parks. 12. Interested in classes. Particularly interested in language class as my son speaks Russian and would like to keep that. 13. No dietary restrictions but healthy. 14. Moving to the area in June 2015 and looking to start nanny share in June/July 15. We are moving to the area June 2015 for my residency. I will be a resident and my husband is an attorney. We are looking for another laid back family preferably with a kid my son's age but flexible. 16. Google search

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