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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Seeking family - already have nanny (Park Slope)

1. Christine 2. christineyoon (at) gmail dot com 3. My child is two and ten months, but a share with any age child will work great. 4. Already have a wonderful, amazing nanny. More info on her below. 5. Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm (50 hours) until September 6. Park Slope, Brooklyn, near Washington Park and JJ Byrne Playground. 7. Prefer to host in my baby- and toddler- proof home, but flexible to all options 8. No pets. 9. No allergies 10. My building has an elevator, doorman, and playroom for bad weather days 11. I'm very close to JJ Byrne Playground/Washington Park (featured on Red Tricycle for its great new playground and water play for summer). The wonderful benefits of Park Slope (drop-ins, sing-a-longs, etc) are all walking distance from my place. 12. Yes, I'd be open to classes, but I'll work with the other family 13. No dietary restrictions 14. ASAP 15. Great for someone who would like to share to start out and then have a more full time nanny (my daughter starts preschool in September); or you can find a second share family in the fall. I'm looking for a second family to share our wonderful nanny, Lhamo, who I've known since Nov 2012 (when my daughter "E" was 5 months old). I always hear unsolicited praises from other moms (and my doorman) about how great she is with E. I don't mind the age of child of the 2nd family - Lhamo will be great with any age, and so will E. Years ago (but not in the U.S.) Lhamo was an early childhood educator. Her good care, constant attention and solid love has been a huge part of E being a confident, happy and sweet girl. I think the best part of having Lhamo as our nanny is that she’s part of an amazing community of warm, loving, completely competent Tibetan nannies in Park Slope. E has benefited from having a regular built-in play group every day, and in Montessori style she’s played with kids of all ages from day 1. I’m proud to say my daughter can hold her ground when she plays with the 3-4 year old boys and she’s also so sweet and gentle to the babies in the group (a 3 month old joined the playgroup, and he is E’s favorite). It eases my mind to know E has a good community, great friends, and gets the socialization benefits of daycare while having the individual attention and love from her nanny. Lhamo is on-time, almost never sick, and I can’t imagine my family without her. When I interviewed her, Lhamo was infant cpr-certified; and had great references. I heard about from a friend.

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