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Monday, March 16, 2015

Seeking afternoon nanny share (UWS)

1. Alison H. 2. Contact information – 3. 2 year old boy 4. Have a nanny, looking for part time share 5. Weekday afternoons - Anytime between 12:30pm-5pm can be 2-5 days/week 6. West 70s 7. No 8. No 9. No 10. Yes but will not fit a side-by-side double stroller 11. Yes we live between Central Park West and Columbus and have many parks, playgrounds and museums in the neighborhood (and memberships to those museums). 12. Maybe 13. No pork/shellfish 14. ASAP 15. Our very experienced and responsible nanny is looking to make some extra money and we thought that it would be great to do a nanny share some weekdays from lunch/nap time through the end of the day (our son is enrolled in morning classes Mon-Thurs). We have an extra room in our house for another child to nap in a pack and play. Our nanny could meet/pick up your child, feed both children lunch and then put them down for naps at our house. When they wake up she can take them out to play until the end of the day which is normally between 5-6pm. We are also flexible with other ideas for timing but are not interested in a full time share. 16. Friends

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