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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Seeking family - already have nanny (LIC)

1. Julie 2. 3. 2 year old boy, Theophil 4. We already have a wonderful nanny. Our current nanny share is coming to an end as the other family is moving to another neighborhood. 5. Full time, M-F 8:30 am – 6:30pm 6. Long Island City (less than a minute away from the subway/ Vernon) 7. Are you willing to drop off your child at someone else's apt? Our apartment is well-suited to host - spacious with a huge play space and tons of toys, and it's been working out well this way for the nanny and the other family. However we are flexible and willing to alternate providing you’re living close to the subway and have enough space for two toddlers. 8. No pets 9. No allergies 10. Building does have an elevator 11. Does your neighborhood have a playground, nice places to walk? Yes. We are just one block from shady park and the river. 12. Would you be interested in signing up (and paying for) a "nanny and me" music class or gym class? Sure but not a requirement. 13. Does your household have any dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, etc)? No 14. When would you be able to start nanny share? Beginning of January. 15. Any other relevant information you would like to share? 16. How did you find out about Online

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  1. Hello. What part of LIC are you in? Do you have an email where I can reach you?