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Monday, November 17, 2014

seeking family - already have nanny (Fort Greene)

1. Katie 2. 646.712.2275 or 3. 4 month old baby girl :) 4. Already have an amazing nanny 5. M-F 9-6 6. Clinton Hill / Fort Greene 7. Prefer not to have to drop off but would be willing to alternate homes for drop off. One week my home, one week your home. 8. I don't have any pets 9. Baby doesn't have any allergies 10. My building has an elevator 11. Lots of parks in my area, one across the street :) 12. Yes I would sign up the baby and nanny for music classes now and then. 13. No dietary restrictions although we eat pretty healthy ;-) 14. ASAP start date 15. My nanny is very intuitive with my daughters needs and I am constantly impressed with her thoughtfulness and attention to detail. She clearly loves my daughter and has a big heart and I'm sure she will love your baby too! She has a two year old daughter herself so has a lot of great ideas that I find helpful. She reads to my daughter and plays and really works on teaching her …be it to "grab a toy" or "babble." We keep a log which I find helpful and we have installed nanny cameras which I occasionally turn on so I can see her playing…cause I miss her. Often they are off but I can keep then on or off (whichever is fine.) My neighborhood is lovely and the apartment is set up for two babies…lots of swings, chairs, toys, cribs etc. The apartment gets a lot of natural light and is super cozy. My baby girl is a sweetie and I am so looking forward to having the babies together so they can learn from one another and grow as friends! Cost per week is $350 & we also provide a monthly metro card.

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  1. Hi Katie, I am guessing you already found a family for your share but I am looking to join a share for my 3 month old in February. We live in Clinton Hill. Thanks! Sarah