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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seeking family and nanny (UWS)

1. Sarah & Rodrigo, baby Benji 2. 3. 8 months, born Xmas Day 2013 4. searching for a nanny and a family to share in the mornings 5. We need coverage Mon-Fri from 8am-10:30am, during his first nap (which he is very good about taking). 6. We live at W67th and would like something as close as possible 7. We are willing to drop our baby off at someone else's home, or host at our place (in theory the share could continue throughout the day, but the child care would be our nanny beginning at 10:30, so a little awkward…) 8. We have no pets 9. Child has no allergies 10. Our building has a doorman and elevator 11. We have a very nearby playground and also multiple library branches with children activities 12. Willing to do a "nanny and me" music class or gym class 13. Our home is kosher but other family/home does not need to be 14. We would be able to start nanny share in October 15. Other info: our baby is supremely easy, particularly in the morning, which is why we are comfortable doing the share. Our child care is only available beginning at 10:30, so we need either someone to watch him or somewhere to drop him on our way to work - just for a couple of hours. As I mentioned, he will be napping for much of this time so it is a low-maintenance job! 16. Found out about through FTUWSMOMS listserv

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