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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seeking family - already have nanny (UWS)

1. Alison 2. cell (917) 515-3024 3. Elinor- 5 years old 4. Already have a nanny (Jennifer) 5. Flexible hours -- Could be full time M-F or part time 6. UWS (86 & Columbus) 7. I am willing to drop off your child at someone else's apt on the UWS 8. No pets 9. No allergies 10. Our building has an elevator but no need for double stroller as our little one walks 11. We have tons of playgrounds, museums, etc that our nanny takes the children to on a regular basis. We are members of all local museums so your child could join as well :) 12. Unfortunately our little girl has grown past a lot of the daytime classes, however since she is in school there should be no issue if you want to send your child to class with the nanny. 13. We have no dietary restrictions 14. We could start the share ASAP 15. Our nanny, Jennifer has been with us for five years and she is phenomenal. Our little girl starts school full time this year and we would love to ease her transition by continuing to share our nanny with another family. This means we are super flexible in terms of scheduling since she will be in school most days (8am-2:40pm). We have shared with younger children and both Jennifer and Elinor are fantastic with small children or toddlers. 16. We have used a bunch of times to find share throughout the years (our little friends keep moving!) and love it :)

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