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Friday, August 29, 2014

Seeking to help nanny acquire additional hours (UES)

1. Lee 2. lsharoni(at)aol 3. NA 4. Seeking extra hours for our nanny 5. She can be available Monday-Thursday until 1:30 and Friday all day 6. UES 7. NA. 8. NA 9. NA 10. NA 11. NA 12. NA 13. NA 14. She will be available on the hours listed above starting October 20, but has some flexibility before that. 15. Nanny has been with us for 6 years, we love her and are searching for someone who needs extra help in the morning or on Fridays so that she can stay in our lives. She is incredible. Has both a fabulous work ethic AND a great personality. She is fun, easygoing, sociable, and has a ton of energy. Totally reliable. People (other moms, teachers, etc) come up to me all the time to offer unsolicited thoughts about how great she is. 16. Word of mouth!

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