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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seeking family - already have nanny (UES)

1. Amy 2. 3. My little girl, Brea, is 3-years-old 4.Already have a FABULOUS nanny 5. M-F 7:30-6 6. UES 7. I leave pretty early, so I'd rather you drop your little one at my place sometime in the morning. I'd be happy to pick her up at your place in the evening if you like. 8. Yes. Small, sweet dog 9. No 10.Yes. Doorman and elevator building 11. Yes. We are couched between John Jay and Carl Schurz Parks! 12. Yes. We take classes at Kidville a few times a week, but would consider others. 13. None. But we are always stocked with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. 14. 7/21/14 15. My wonderful nanny, Bebe, has been with me since my daughter was born and my daughter and I could not love her more. She's kind, gentle, caring and very reliable. When I leave in the morning, I feel confident that my daughter is in great hands. We've been sharing Bebe with another family and it has worked out wonderfully. Unfortunately, the other mom is leaving her job and won't be needing Bebe's services anymore. So we are looking for another family to share our Bebe with as soon as possible. 16. I heard of through a friend.

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