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Monday, July 22, 2013

seeking to help nanny acquire additional hours

Mira is still looking for T/Th hours - a mother found her on your website and she is doing some part-time work for her on MWF but she called me and asked if it were possible to refresh the posting as she would like to find work on T/Th. The listing for her is now several pages deep on so it is likely many people may not see it or think it is expired. Thanks for providing a great service! The text is as follows: We are trying to find a part-time job for our fabulous nanny -- she is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all day, flexible hours. She is open to working in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn, but no more than an hour from where she lives in Ridgewood, Queens. Mira has been with us for nearly 7 years, beginning when my first child was 4 months old. We then had twin boys (Mira stayed with my daughter the night they were born) and she has cared for our girl through my bedrest pregnancy, premature birth, c-section recovery, and then the arrival of our newborn boys. Thus, Mira is experienced from preemie-newborn through school-aged child; she has her own children who are being raised abroad. She has a mother's instincts when it comes to safety, illness, age-appropriateness, and feeding. Many times she has alerted me to my kids' sicknesses, behavioral changes, or growth spurts. Mira has also suggested classes and activities for the kids that I didn't know existed. In addition to being responsible for school pick-up and drop-off, classes, playdates, activities, and the park, Mira has accompanied us to doctor and dentist appointments -- as well as hospital visits. Our boys have special needs that she is very patient and caring about; she has worked closely with their therapists and employed their techniques. She is always very interested in learning exactly what is going on with the kids, and asks the right questions as she has a great deal of common sense. We trust her completely with our kids, and it's a relief to know they are in her care. Around the home, Mira cooks for and feeds the kids, does their laundry and tidies their rooms, and does a few household chores. She also points out when the kids have outgrown clothes, need something new, or have expressed interest in special toys or hobbies. She has also come on vacation with us. She is here legally, and also available on weekends. We pay her $15 per hour. Please contact me (Heidi) at if you are interested in hearing more or contacting her. You can reach Mira directly at 917-200-1335. The previous Tu/Th mom writes: For the past 16 months, Mira has been indispensable to us. Both my daughter and I looked forward to her presence each Tue/Thurs. As a SAHM, I was particularly worried that having someone in the home while I am also home would be disruptive, but that Mira is so pleasant and easy-going that it never felt "crowded" when we were both here at the same time, which was often. She helped with so many things: preparing healthy food, helping potty train, going to the doctor with me when my daughter was ill, even helping me prepare for guests and for entertaining on several occasions when we hosted dinner parties and holiday parties. We will miss Mira, but hope to help her find a great family and look forward to having her babysit our daughter for our occasional date nights as it is very important to us to stay in touch with her and maintain the relationship between her and our daughter, who adores her. Please contact me (Angela) for more info at 917-498-4198.

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