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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Seeking nanny and family (UWS)

1. First name: Shannon 2. Contact information: 618-967-9270 3. Currently 2 months old - Born mid-April, '13 4. We are searching for a nanny and a nanny share. 5. Hours: M-F either 7:45 am - 12:45 pm or 1pm - 6pm 6. Neighborhood you live in: Morningside Heights 7. Happy to drop our child off along the ABCD Lines or along the 1 train. 8. No pets 9. Our child has no allergies to date. 10. Our current building has an elevator - we are moving at the end of July. 11. Our neighborhood has a playground and nice places to walk. 12. Would you be interested in signing up (and paying for) a "nanny and me" music class or gym class? Not at this time. 13. No dietary restrictions. 14. We would be able to start a Nanny Share as of July 1st. this date is somewhat flexible. 15. Other relevant info - we are able to pay $10/hr. 16. The More to Life office at Columbia University referred us to this website. Thanks!!

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