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Friday, June 7, 2013

Seeking to help nanny find additional hours

1. Francie 2. 3. 12 months 4. We have the world's most amazing nanny! We are looking for work for her in July, as we won't need her, and to share her with a family in August, as our share family won't need her. 5. July: She is available for whatever hours you need and would like to work as many hours as possible. August: M-F 9-4, though flexible with hours 6. Harlem, but we share her with a family on the UWS, where we used to live. 7. Yes. For July, UWS, UES, or anywhere north in Manhattan. For August, UWS, Harlem, or UES. Try me on other locations close to the 2/3 or A/B/C/D though. 8. We have a cat. 9. no allergies 10. Elevator 11. Yes - and we already have a double stroller, extra pack 'n play for sleeping in separate rooms, double high chairs, etc. 12. Would consider classes that aren't too expensive, though we prefer activities that are free or cheap :-) 13. We don't do much dairy, gluten, sugar, or grains, but as long as it's healthy, I'm happy. 14. July - for your family (or families) only; August 5-30 for share. 15. We are pretty flexible about this arrangement; our priority is to find our amazing nanny work for the summer and a family to share her with in August. She might be the world's best nanny. She is caring, efficient, flexible, fun, kind, confident, and professional. 16. UWS moms' list serve

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