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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seeking to help nanny find full time employment - has nanny share experience

Our wonderful nanny is looking for a new family to work with. Enid has taken care of our daughter and a colleague's little boy since they were three and four months old, respectively. Enid has so many wonderful qualities. Most importantly, she loves children and is responsible, reliable and confident. Our children have been safe and happy with her. She is loving, engaging, fun and creative and rose to the challenge of caring for two infants with remarkable ease. She has developed warm relationships with both of them and has accommodated the needs of both families with an open and easygoing attitude. Enid has been wonderful for our daughter's social and physical development and has helped foster good eating and sleeping habits. She developed creative solutions when we struggled with bottle-feeding and has gently yet purposely encouraged a healthy napping routine. Enid would be delighted to work with a single family and would happily consider another share situation as well. Enid has a terrific positive attitude and is very easy to communicate with. She is open to input and flexible, but also confident and capable. She has over 20 years of experience with glowing references from previous employers and families. She has cared for children of various ages and maintains good relationships with many of her previous employers. Two of the previous children Enid has cared for live in our neighborhood and are always running up to hug Enid and play with the babies when they see her outside. She enjoys taking children for walks, to parks and playrooms and arranging play dates with other children. At home, she engages our children in age appropriate activities, sings to them and plays with them. All four parents in our nanny share have demanding jobs, and Enid has always been punctual and flexible. It is with great sadness that we will say goodbye to Enid. She has been a dear friend and important part of our family. Our children love her and she is terrific with them. Both babies have been accepted into a employer-sponsored daycare, which is why we will have to say good bye to Enid. If you are looking for someone who is loving, energetic, confident and extremely talented with children, you cannot go wrong with Enid. She develops wonderful relationships with the children she cares for and hopes to find a family with whom she can grow. We have all been so grateful to have Enid as a part of our family. Please feel free to contact Enid directly at 646-479-7736 or contact me at with any questions. Enid currently works with us in the Upper East Side. She is open to working anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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