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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seeking Family and Nanny (UWS)

1. Seta Toroyan 2. 3. Cora is 7 months old (born Oct 30, 2012). We are searching for a nanny and a family. 5. Our hours are flexible as my husband works from home and I’m a grad student. We are flexible: My internship / class hours are Tues + Wed 8.45–5.15, Mon + Thurs 10-7, but we realize that no-one else has those hours, and we can do a regular 9-5 or be flexible as my husband will be home. 6. West 117th, a block from the B/C train. 7. We are willing to drop her off if it’s not a long a trip. 8. No pets. 9. No allergies. 10. We have an elevator. 11. There is a playground 2 blocks away. 12. We could do a class if it wasn’t expensive. 13. We’re planning to give her organic milk / meat. 14. Ideally we would love to start mid August to give the kids time to get adjusted to the new setup before school starts. I also have friends with kids in the building who would help out in a pinch. 16. I found out about the site by calling Columbia University.

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