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Friday, June 15, 2012

Seeking Nanny and Nanny Share (UWS)

Your email should include the following information: > 1. Danielle and James > 2. or 917-597-5940 > 3. We have an active 3.5 yr old boy > 4. Currently in FT daycare, searching for nanny share > 5. M-F 11am-6pm on the UWS. > 6. UWS - low-80s > 7. Pick up from PS 9's AM Pre-K program, unable to drop off but happy > to pick-up/host on the 1,2,3 train line > 8. Have a dog - Labradoodle (does not shed, crated most of day) > 9. No allergies > 10. Garden apt./first floor of brownstone. > 11. Our apt is in a great location with tons to do in very close > proximity (Riverside Park/Playground at end of block, museums within > short walk) > 12. Might be interested in signing up (and paying for) a "nanny and > me" music class or gym class > 13. No household dietary restrictions > 14. Would be able to start nanny share in Aug at the earliest or Sept > at the latest > 15. Happy to drop off or host / work with an existing family/nanny or > start a new joint search. We are ideally searching for another PS9 > family in the same situation who would love to help the kids forge a > closer relationship while finding great care in the neighborhood. We > have a duplex garden apt. with private patio complete with playhouse > and sandtable (blow up pool summertime!) so lots of opportunities > either around the hood or in the backyard to be outside but still > safe. Need to commit to the school by June 21st at the latest, so > appreciate responses/queries asap :). Many thanks and look forward to > hearing from you! > 16. UWS moms meetup group

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