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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some more logistics to think about when considering a nanny share.

I've been asked to comment on other details to consider when forming a nanny share. Here are some things just off the top of my head:
space!!! think about the fact that your apartment should comfortably be able to accommodate two children and a nanny and a slew of other fun items:
a pack and play for the other child
a second high chair for feeding time
diapers, wipes, diaper cream for two children
extra sheets, bedding blanket for other child
other child's clothes and food (we have a bin to put all this stuff in)
bottles, bowls, spoons to feed two children at the same time
extra toys
a double stroller (we bought a used phil and ted plus we have our own single stroller) this probably takes up the most space

also, we have two separate daily calendars for each of the two kids so that the nanny can write down every little thing that they do and that the two families know when their kids are napping, eating and pooping.

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