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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

seeking family - have nanny (LIC)

1. Lauren 2. laurengeminder @ 3. Currently 8 weeks old. Will be 12 weeks when I go back to work (end of October) 4. Have a nanny, looking for family to join share. 5. Full time, M-F 8 am – 6pm 6. Long Island City (Center Blvd) 7. Prefer not to have to drop off in AM, but can pick up after work. 8. Have a 3 year old dog (Havanese), who is 100% hypoallergenic and loves children. 9. No known allergies. 10. Yes, building has an elevator. 11. There is a mile long waterfront park across the street with multiple playgrounds. Building has an indoor playroom and outdoor playground. 12. Very interested in classes and play dates for our son. 13. No household dietary restrictions 14. Able to begin nanny share 10/24, and possibly a few days the week prior. 15. No other relevant info to share. 16. Through a friend who found a nanny on the site.

Monday, September 26, 2016

seeking family and nanny (Williamsburg)

Anna alm.marchal @ My son Sol is 7 weeks old but will be 3 months at the end of maternity leave. I am interviewing nannies at the moment and I am looking for another family to share a full time from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 7 pm. We live in South Williamsburg. I would be willing to drop off my child in the morning but would also be happy to host depending on hours needed for each family. We have no pets and a large living room. It's small 2 stories building so the stroller can be kept on the ground floor. I will be looking at a part-time from Mid-Oct to become a full time at the beginning of December. We have no diet restrictions and would be interested in classes for infant.

seeking to help nanny find full time employment (Brooklyn, Manhattan, NJ)

1.Elana 2.Elana Livneh 3. Email :, elana @ 3. Our wonderful former nanny is looking for a full-time position in Brooklyn ,Mahattan or New Jersey Millburn, , short-hills area close to public transportation . She worked for us for 2 years and was a fantastic addition to our family. At the time, we had an infant, 2, and 4 year old. 4.She is great with multiples and always could figure out a way to engage all three in fun and games together. 5.She is very proactive and will set up play dates and activities 6.She is a great listener and adaptable 7.She is an excellent driver and knows the area well 8.Our kids absolutely loved her. She is fun-loving, creative and energetic. She engaged them in games, played actively with them in the playground, made up wonderful stories, and is thoughtful and sympathetic. 9. I would be willing to answer any questions you have, please feel free to contact me via email at anytime or you can contact Dawn directly at dawncasimir247 @ or via telephone 973-925-3114.

seeking family and nanny (Harlem)

​​1. Marta 2. Mspeimer [at] yahoo com 3. 26 month old boy/girl twins 4. Searching for a Spanish-speaking nanny for a nanny share 5. Days and hours needed: flexible 2 mornings 8/830 am – 12/12:30pm 6. Neighborhood you live in: Harlem (off express 145th stop on ABCD) 7. Are you willing to drop off your child at someone else's apt? No 8. Do you have any pets? No 9. Does your child have any allergies? No 10. Does your building have an elevator (think double stroller!)?: yes 11. Does your neighborhood have a playground, nice places to walk? Yes 12. Would you be interested in signing up (and paying for) a "nanny and me" music class or gym class? Sure 13. Does your household have any dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, etc)? No sugar 14. When would you be able to start nanny share? Immediately 15. Any other relevant information you would like to share? No 16. How did you find out about Google search

seeking family - already have nanny (UES)

1. Name: Jen 2. Email: jennyc74[at]gmail[dot]com 3. Ages: 5yr & 8yr 4. Already have a nanny 5. Days & Hours Available: Mon-Fri 8am-2pm (possible share after 2:30 school pick up) 6. Neighborhood: Upper East Side 7. Willing to Drop Off: Yes, Upper East Side 8. Pets? - No, but pet friendly 9. Allergies: No allergies 10. Elevator: Yes, small elevator 11. Playgrounds: Yes, 2 blocks to Central Park. 12. Shared Classes: Yes 13. Dietary Restriction: No 14. Start Date: ASAP or beginning of the month 15. Additional Information: Babysitter has been with us 4 years. We love her and she has been amazing for our two children. We don't want her to leave, but our little one is now in Kindergarten. We are hoping to find a family that we can work with to share hours. Mornings are available for you, share is available after school pickup. Located next to 86th street express 4/5/6 subway and open to hosting mornings here at our apartment. 16. How did we hear about Friend's recommendation.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

seeking to help our nanny acquire additional hours (UWS)

1. Lois 2 loisnix AT 3 9,7, 5 4 seeking to find additional hours for our nanny 5 Tues Thursday Friday 9a-2p 6 UWS - 76th Street 7 yes 8 no 9 no 10 yes 11 yes 14 october 2016 15 Karen, our nanny, has been with us for 9+ years. She is incredibly warm and kind and has become a part of our family. My kids are incredibly attached to her, but are in school now for most of the day. She is available during the am and can be somewhat flexible. 16 Kim H - friend

seeking family and nanny for PT afternoon hours (Clinton Hill)

1. Matthew 2. tye4nyc AT 3. 3.5 year old 4. Searching for nanny and nanny share for PT afternoon hours. Pick up from Pre-K a block from our apt. 5. Needed Monday - Thursday from 2:30 to 6:30p + some additional coverage on school holidays (child will be in Pre-K in mornings) 6. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 7. Can’t drop off - need someone to pick up from pre-k, but willing to pick up at someone else apt. 8. Have two very friendly dogs 9. No allergies 10. Yes our building has an elevator 11. Yes, lots of playgrounds in area and love lots of time outdoors 12. Yes, for signing up for other afternoon activities 13. No household restrictions 14. Can start share asap