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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

seeking family and nanny (Maplewood, NJ)

1. Abbie Lebowitz 2. Abbielebowitz AT 3. 2 yo 4. searching for a nanny or nanny share 5. Alternating Thursday, Friday and Friday, (with occasional Saturdays and Wednesdays) 6. Looking for help in Maplewood, NJ (6:10 AM - 8 PM) 7. Unfortuantely, with our schedule dropping off before work would be very difficulty. 8. We have cats, who can be locked up all day if they are an issue 9. No allergies 10. N/A 11. We will leave within 2 blocks of a playground 12. Id love to get a new nanny involved in class. 13. We have no dietary restrictions 14. Wed love to start a share ASAP. 15. While we have been in Brooklyn we use a share where the girls are together at the end of the week and our babysitter is alone with the other child at the start of the week. Wed love to find a similar situation where Hannah gets time with another child, but splitting the week is also something we are are open to. We love the friendship that has developed between the girls and would love to find a similar situation (if possible) when we move! We know our schedule is non traditional, but hopefully we can find a family is is interested in coming up with a creative share schedule with us!

seeking to help nanny find full time employment

1. First names: Kristin & Justin 2. Contact information: crowdofstars AT 3. Our son was cared for by our former nanny, Ingrid, as part of a nanny share from the age of 4.5 months until he was 2 years old (Dec. 2013 - August 2015). The other family in the nanny share had a child who was 10 months older than our son. They later had a second child, and that child joined the share at 4 months old when their older child entered a part-time 2s program. There was a short period when she was caring for all three children. She never complained or seemed to break a sweat! 4. Out of tremendous gratitude for all she did for us, we'd love to help Ingrid find a new full-time position. She is fantastic at balancing the care and needs of multiple children. From the outside, it looks effortless, but that's only because she seems to have boundless energy and a calm, level-headed demeanor. She has the maturity, warmth, and fun personality ideal for someone caring for babies and small children. 5. Days and hours needed: full time, Monday through Friday. 6. Neighborhood we live in: Park Slope (But, she lives in Midtown Manhattan and knows both boroughs well.) 7. We shared hosting responsibilities with the other family. I'm sure that she is open to whatever works for your families. 8. She is comfortable with pets, but we didn't have any. 9. Our child didn't have allergies, but Ingrid has cared for children with special health needs. She also has been trained in CPR and First Aid. 10. Our building had an elevator. If you don't have one, she is OK with that, so long as she is able to get the children and a double stroller safely in and out of the building. 11. Ingrid knows all the playgrounds in Park Slope, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, and also many in Manhattan, including those in Tribeca, Chelsea, the Upper West Side, and throughout Central Park. 12. She is an expert on all the drop-in classes that are out there as well as those that are semester based. She took our son to tons of singalongs, baby gym classes, story times, etc. 13. We had no dietary restrictions, but she is happy to accommodate any that a family might have. 14. Ingrid is available to start immediately. 15. We were tremendously lucky to find Ingrid, and we cannot recommend her more highly. Her other employers are also all happy to provide recommendations. The next families to end up with her are fortunate ones! She is a born caregiver and is fantastic at knowing how to address the varying developmental and personal needs of multiple children at the same time. Under her attentive care, our son developed into a very verbal, sweet, inquisitive, active toddler. 16. We've known about for some time. I believe it was first recommended to us by a friend when we were looking for our own nanny share.

Seeking family and nanny (UES)

1. Emily 2. estephens098 AT 3. 2 months 4. Searching a nanny share 5. M-F, 9-6pm 6. East 70s 7. Yes - willing to go anywhere upper and midtown east 8. No pets 9. No allergies 10. No 11. Yes 12. Yes 13. No 14. Start mid-Oct 15. Nope! 16. A friend

seeking to help nanny find fulltime employment

1. Stefan 2. nycparents2016 @ 3. Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn 4. seeking help nanny acquire full time job It is with deep gratitude that we are posting this reference for our current nanny who has worked for us for more than a year. It is for financial reasons that we will be sending our son to daycare in September and we wish we could retain Linda as our nanny longer. We are very grateful to her because our son Christopher, who was just three months old when she started to work for us, has grown under her care into such a happy, communicative, and curious toddler. When Linda arrives in the morning at our apartment, Christopher’s face lights up, he smiles, and then he crawls very quickly (now he is waddling quickly) through the long hallway to greet and hug Linda. Christopher clearly enjoys playing with Linda, listening to music, going to music class, the playground, or to the library with her, and playing with blocks or other toys. It is also obvious how much joy Linda feels in doing these things with our son when she tells us about some highlights of the day in the evening. Linda is very reliable and in addition to her warm and loving personality, she always makes sure that Christopher is safe, healthy, well-fed and in a clean and secure environment. Linda is a US-citizen and a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and with fluent English. She is highly educated and holds an engineering degree from a Chinese university. She is careful, responsible and radiates positive energy. Linda is also very patient and giving. When Christopher was learning to walk, Linda walked behind him, holding his hands above his head and make sure he did not fall while he was tottering up and down the hallway for long periods of time. On two afternoons of the week, Linda has also taken care of our older son Alexander who already goes to kindergarten and who has a lot of fun playing hide and seek and chess with her. We hope that Christopher and Alexander will be able maintain some contact with Linda in the future and if you are the ones hiring her, you can consider yourself very lucky. We recommend her highly and without any reservations. She is a wonderful nanny who will love your child and keep your child safe. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

seeking to help nanny find fulltime employment (New Jersey)

1.Elana 2.Elana Livneh 3. Email :, elan a@ 3. Our wonderful ex -nanny is looking for a full-time position in Brooklyn ,Mahattan or New Jersey Millburn, , short-hills area close to public transportation . She worked for us for 2 years and was a fantastic addition to our family. At the time, we had an infant, 2, and 4 year old. 4.She is great with multiples and always could figure out a way to engage all three in fun and games together. 5.She is very proactive and will set up play dates and activities 6.She is a great listener and adaptable 7.She is an excellent driver and knows the area well 8.Our kids absolutely loved her. She is fun-loving, creative and energetic. She engaged them in games, played actively with them in the playground, made up wonderful stories, and is thoughtful and sympathetic. 9. I would be willing to answer any questions you have, please feel free to contact me via email at anytime or you can contact Dawn directly at dawncasimir247 @

seeking family and nanny (Tribeca, SoHo)

1. Olympia 2. olympiamarie @ 3.Three month old boy named Ulysses 4.Searching for a nanny and a nanny share 5. Full time M-F , 9am-6pm (could be flexible a bit). 6.Live on West Broadway just below Canal - considered Tribeca but just below Soho 7.Would like to drop of child at other family's apartment. Would be willing to drop off child anywhere between northern Tribeca, Soho, West Village, up to Astor place (I work in Astor place) 8. No pets 9.No allergies 10.Elevator in building 11.Great neighborhood but not relevant as would want to have baby at other family's home 12. Would be interested in classes :) 13.No dietary restrictions 14.Could start as early as Sept 1 ASAP 15.My husband is French and I am Canadian and we have lived in New York for over 15 years. We both work in the arts. We would love to have our baby grow up with another baby the same age. I feel it's really nice in socializing them and forming lasting bonds from an early age.

Seeking to help nanny find additional hours

1. Mili 2. 3. 6 months 4. Already have a part-time nanny (2 days a week) and am helping her find more part-time work. 5. Flexible days (1-2 days a week) and hours 6. She commutes from Staten Island but commutes to me in Harlem twice a week, so she is willing to travel 7. N/A 8. N/A 9. N/A 10. N/A 11. N/A 12. N/A 13. N/A 14. ASAP 15. My nanny, Rosario, is amazing and I was lucky enough to find her through a similar group. She is wonderful with my 6 month old but she is comfortable with all age groups (she also works 1 day a week with a family with a toddler). She genuinely loves children and I can see that in every interaction. She is lively and is constantly engaging my infant. She is flexible and punctual. She's the kind of nanny other parents on the playground rave about. I would love the share more about Rosario with anyone who is looking to hire someone part time. 16. Google.